Las Coronas


Las Coronas will accompany you in the most symbolic part of your wedding process:  crowning yourself
.... well actually, adorning  your hair with that special detail
-the one you have been looking for to maximize and complete your look as a bride.

We are so gratified to work with you to create your personalized heirloom.
We can cast actual pieces of your dress into silver or gold or copy its embroidery into three dimensional accessories that echo or contrast it´s texture and detail.
Las Coronas will materialize for you the keepsake that you can wear again and again.
We don´t just stop there, we can also incorporate your favorite jewels, stones, symbols or any talisman that you may treasure into the process- making this a veritable collaboration between you and Las Coronas.

One of the most iconic examples of what we do
......was for our client Maria.
When she was born, her parents planted a magnolia tree that has grown along with her throughout the years.
Upon her engagement, she brought us leaves from this tree that we cast into sterling silver. 
She wore them on her wedding day.
Their varied sizes and subtle forms sparkled in silver in the  back of her loosely styled hair while the beautiful nuances of greenish grey enamel peaked from the front- framing her hair with just a touch of color that she wanted.
To this day, Maria loves these leaves and continues to wear them on a chain around her neck
....thus accruing even more personal value to an already priceless keepsake.

Las Coronas is the heartfelt project of Mary Beth McGowan, a sculptor, goldsmith, entrepreneur and specialist in the casting process.
Founded in 1995, Las Coronas is the result of years of experience working in foundries, laboratories and workshops throughout Europe and the USA, accumulating fabrication techniques both new and old.
She pioneered the bridal sector in high-end hairwear and continues gracing magazine covers and catwalks on both sides of the Atlantic.
Beth revolutionized the bridal market´s view of what goes on your head should be treated with as much care as when choosing the brides´s wedding dress itself.

All these years of happy experience has led to  a collection of more than 250 designs. Which is a direct reference to Las Coronas´ stylish and creative clientele.

These lovely catalogue photos are thanks to:
Helene Desplechin Isiah Otten
Miguel Visual Delay,
Thanks to models
Paula Saavedra and Diana Abdou and clients Alexandra de la Camara, Sonia Molero, Kristin Kjellgard, Kendall Leopold, Marta Lobete, Ilaria Santaniello, Laura Bermejo, Olga Barreiro Garcia, Naira Santana Gonzalez, May Guzman, Lori Grippentrog, Carmen Cobo, Kelly Nigro, Jenny Schlueter, Katrina Deas, Sarah Jane Kincaid and Minerva Santander
Special thanks to Micol Maria De Vincenti and Cristina Caro for the use of their beautiful homes
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