Las Coronas
Magnolia Leaves

Magnolia Leaves

This is an iconic examples of what we do
......was for our client Maria.
When she was born, her parents planted a magnolia tree that has grown along with her throughout the years.
Upon her engagement, she brought us leaves from this tree that we cast into sterling silver. 
She wore them on her wedding day.
Their varied sizes and subtle forms sparkled in silver in the  back of her loosely styled hair while the beautiful nuances of greenish grey enamel peaked from the front- framing her hair with just a touch of color that she wanted.
To this day, Maria loves these leaves and continues to wear them on a chain around her neck
....thus accruing even more personal value to an already priceless keepsake.
Here we see them in a Devota y Lomba catwalk and a scanned image of our "organics" collection.

230 EUR